Nutrisystem’s Chili with Beans: Warming Up Your Soul

There’s nothing quite like a bit of spice to warm you up from the inside. A hearty bowl of chili does just that – and it’s a rib-sticking, lip-smacking kind of meal too!

Healthy food doesn’t have to be a drag. Sure, you can chew on a plateful of kale if that’s your thing but trust me when I say: Nutrisystem’s Chili with Beans is pretty tasty. You’ll forget that you’re on a health kick. I’m not over-exaggerating with this one. If your aim is to watch what you’re eating and eliminate overly-processed foods, you’re in the clear.  The ground beef is well-seasoned and cooked until tender and the beans are just soft enough to give that much-needed richness. I’m a sucker for spicy food, so I always need to add a little extra chili to mine. If you’re on the milder side of the scale, this will do just fine.

Prepping Your Meal Prepping this dish is about as easy as any other microwave meal. Simply remove the plastic lid from the container. Peel of the inner metal seal and throw it away – recycle if you can. Replace the lid and heat at medium power for around a minute or until hot enough. Depending on your microwave, the cooking time and heating levels may vary but it’s definitely not rocket science.

Allow the meal to stand for about a minute before removing it from the microwave and digging in.  What’s In It? This bowl of comfort food contains all the chili essentials: beef, beans, chili powder, and heady spices. The sauce itself is tomato-based, so if you’re staying away from acidic foods, this isn’t for you. There are also traces of corn flour, beef fat, yeast extract, corn and wheat protein, and a few other bits and bobs.

Nutritional Facts

Each serving of Nutrisystem’s Chili with Beans contains 240 calories; 70 of those are from fats. It’s not really a slimmers delight, so don’t stock up on too many bowls if you’re desperately trying to shed some weight. Think of it more as a cheat meal without the high guilt levels. It also contains 27g of carbohydrates and 14g of protein, so all-in-all it’s a fairly nutritious bowl of food. Add 6g of dietary fiber and it starts to look even better!

What Do the Reviews Say?

The biggest complaint with this meal seems to be that it’s on the small side. This makes sense since it’s more calorific than a few slices of poached chicken breast. However, you could add a side of zoodles or spaghetti squash to bulk it up a bit. The addition won’t detract from the flavor, and you’ll enjoy a bigger meal.

The beef-to-bean ratio seems to be the luck of the draw. Some reviewers have remarked that they have an overabundance of beans while others claim that there’s more beef than anything else. I personally don’t mind either way – as long as the spices are still at play. If you’re the type of person that needs the perfect balance between legume and meat, you might want to opt for a more structured meal.   In the end, if you’re the type of person who loves a good chili, I’d say you should definitely give this meal a bash.