NutriFlakes Cereal Review

I have always had a bowl of cereal for breakfast for as long as I can remember. I believe there’s nothing as wonderful as a good bowl of my favorite cereal in the morning. To me, it is more than just breakfast. It is my custom, my culture, and a personal link to my childhood.

That is precisely why I was skeptical about trying the Nutriflakes Cereal by Nutrisystem. I don’t know about you, but breakfast is my most sacred meal of the day. If I hated my breakfast my whole day would be ruined. However, a friend pressured me into trying the Nutriflakes Cereal, and I finally had to give in when he wouldn’t let up. And guess what? I absolutely loved it!

I thought the Nutriflakes Cereal is pretty unique. Each box comes with its own little reusable bowl, which is perfect for measuring the ideal serving size for a meal. The serving sizes are pretty small, but you feel really full and ready to go after just one meal. Personally, I don’t like sweet cereals, so the Nutriflakes was just perfect on that front. It tastes great without being too sweet, and I just adore how crunchy it still is even after adding milk. I had mine with almond milk and raisins, and I really loved how well it went with everything. Goes to show that it leaves room to customize your breakfast, which is perfect for all you adventurous types out there.

The Nutriflakes was also very easy to make. It is basically sold ready to eat, all you have to do is pour your NutriFlakes cereal into a bowl and add half a cup of milk, preferably fat-free, to it and voila! Breakfast is served! Breakfast doesn’t get any easier than that.  What I particularly love about this cereal is that it makes for a super healthy meal. It is made from whole wheat bran. It is packed full of vitamins and essential minerals, like vitamin b6, vitamin b2, iron, folic acid, vitamin a, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. It is completely cholesterol free, and has only 110 calories per serving! And to top this off, it is good for both diabetics and vegetarians! For anyone who cares about what they eat as much as I do, this deal is almost too good to be true for a breakfast cereal.

After trying it, I went online and had a look at the Nutrisystem website. I realized that it is a breakfast cereal made specifically for people who want to lose weight. Which made perfect sense, since the tiny portions were extremely filling! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted to lose weight. I guess it works by making you feel full so that you have less room for snacking between meals. The 110 calories per serving are also an awesome incentive. A quick google search shows that a healthy adult man needs 2500 calories per day, while an adult woman needs 1600-2200 calories per day. If you want to lose weight, taking 500 fewer calories per day will ensure you lose one pound a week. The 110 calorie breakfast meal will go a long way in helping you realize your goals.

The reviews from other users on their website were also mostly positive. Even the negative reviewers admitted that although the cereal was pretty good, it just wasn’t for them for one reason or another. Which goes to show that the Nutriflakes Cereal can hold its own among other cereals.

Nutrisystem has a wide variety of meal choices on their website. Plus, the prices of these meals are not that high. Whether you want to try the Nutriflakes Cereal or something else, they have got you covered.

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