My Story

“So why did the personal trainer send his client to the paint store? Answer: It`s so he could get thinner there.”

Sorry I couldn’t help myself with the bad joke. My name is Sam and I believe it`s important to express a bit of humor when discussing weight loss which is a topic that is often discussed in an unnecessarily serious way.

I want to tell you the story of how I took control of my life because I believe with the right attitude anyone can do it too. About five years of age I was just like any ordinary guy in his late twenties trying to save enough money for my first car and house. I worked as a commodities trader and I was on the first track to the life of the much maligned 1% club. Despite all my seeming success I was actually deeply unhappy and this came from the fact that I was unsatisfied with my looks. I weighed at over 250 pounds and this significantly affected my self-esteem. After a minor scare involving my blood pressure my doctor insisted that I had to reduce my BMI and this is when I decided that enough was enough.

The first and most important thing I learned on my journey is that it is important to love yourself exactly as you are because self-loathing is counter-productive to weight loss. So I adopted a habit of going to the mirror every day I wake up looking at my reflection and saying “Good morning you handsome stud?” This cheesy line helps set the tone for the day and makes me feel confident enough to take on any challenge. Believe me when I say that nothing is more important than your own self-perception.

I had a bad habit of waking up in the middle of the night because as far as I was concerned if the refrigerator manufacturers didn’t want me to have a midnight snack then why did they install a light in the fridge. Whether it was a steak or ice cream I couldn’t go back to bed without having something. Unfortunately this was very dangerous because food eaten before sleep is directly turned into fat since the body isn’t utilizing any energy. I eventually conquered this problem by identifying my triggers, creating a routine and brushing my teeth before sleeping which generally makes food taste bad for a while.

Next came the change in diet which is arguably the most important part of the process because it doesn’t matter how many calories you burn as long as you keep feeling them up again. The trick here is to simply replace your current food selection with delicious but healthy foods. The best examples of this are fruit salads, rice, whole grain meals, cereals and low fat milk. This way you can keep your belly full without resorting to eating fatty foods.

The hardest part for me was exercise because let’s face it I can be pretty lazy sometimes so I had to come up with a few ingenious ways to make sure I worked my body as hard as possible. The first thing I did was buy a cross trainer and place it right next to my bed so it was the first thing I saw every morning I woke up. I also stopped using elevators in favor of stairs and finally I begun a habit that I maintain to this day which is to take a leisurely stroll to the beach whenever I can. This helps reduce stress and burn a few calories in the process.

Today I am healthy and fit and I spend a considerable portion of my time trying to help inspire others to believe in themselves too because as long someone is willing to try then there is always hope. I do offer a Nutrisystem coupon to those who want to lose weight conveniently and fast.